Product Showcase
Product display
  • 77G Radar
  • Instrumentation
  • Semi-flex boards
  • Servers
  • Graphics Cards
  • LEDs
  • Network Communication
Technical Capabilities
  • Max. Layer Count: 24L
  • Material Type: Low-Tg FR4, Mid Loss, Low Loss, Very Low Loss, Ultra Low Loss, ANT 
  • Stepped gold fingers, Air Cavity, Energy, Automotive 
  • Aspect Ratio: ≤21:1
  • Track width/distance tolerance: ±20%; Impedance signal line ±10%; Antenna ±0.8mil (CPk≥1.33)
  • Interlayer alignment accuracy: 5mil
  • Length of back drill stub: 2-10mil
  • Impedance tolerance: ±8%
  • Insertion loss: SET2DIL, Delta-L 3.0, Delta-L 4.0, TRL
  • Buried resistance/buried copper coin/buried conductive adhesive
  • Coupling impedance, common mode impedance
Technological Innovation
  • 25*43

    Max. Panel dimension:

  • 24+

    Max. Layer Count

  • 620pieces

    Apply for patents (including unauthorized ones)

  • RMB2.93million

    Research and development funding in 2022

  • 750people

    R&D staff

IATF 16949
ISO 27001
GB/T 29490
Main Equipment
Aoshikang possesses a comprehensive range of mature and well-developed equipment for the full process of printed circuit board manufacturing. This includes production, research and development, and testing equipment, over 50% of which are high-precision devices. In recent years, the company has focused on upgrading automation equipment, gradually realizing the Industry 4.0 automation manufacturing process. Taking the Guangdong base as an example: the factory has essentially achieved production automation; the entire plant operates with smart logistics; there has been a significant improvement in production efficiency and overall energy efficiency; water and electricity consumption has been notably reduced; surface water discharge meets Class IV standards ; there is a safety-oriented 5G+ smart factory+digital service platform ; and a “super-layout technology” PCB process innovation empowerment center.
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