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In accordance with the company's human resource strategic planning, the company launched the "Hundred Talent Program" in 2018, aimed at talent development. Each year, nearly 100 fresh graduates are recruited from undergraduate colleges and universities. The training objective of the "Hundred Talent Program" is to cultivate a group of expert technical talents, comprehensive management talents, and high-level international talents. Up to now, the company has trained nearly 400 university graduates, among whom a portion have grown into technical and management backbones of the company.
  • Hundred talents programYiyang/Zhaoqing
    Hundred talents program
    Work location:Yiyang/Zhaoqing
    Number of recruiters:100人
    Salary standards:6-10K
    Relevant requirements:
    1、Male or female is not limited, 2023 undergraduate graduates, second and above;
    2, science and engineering majors, chemistry, electronic information engineering, computer, mechatronics, automation, materials, industrial engineering, mechanical, English and other majors preferred;
    3、Strong learning ability, quick thinking, hard-working, high comprehensive quality, excellent English results are preferred, experience in student union or class cadres is preferred;
    4, the main training direction for R & D / engineering / process / quality / equipment / planning / procurement / material control / production management / human resources and other technical and management personnel.
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