About Aoshikang
Capacity Planning
Aoshikang production bases are designed with a focus on high technology, sustainability, efficiency, and energy saving. Compared to industry standards, they are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. The manufacturing equipment employs advanced hardware and software, significantly enhancing efficiency over traditional factories.
  • 320,000㎡/month

    Monthly Capacity of Hunan Base

  • 440,000㎡/month

    Monthly Capacity of Guangdong Base

Innovative Development
Aoshikang is continuously increasing its R&D investments, with a commitment of 293 million RMB in 2022 alone. The future will see sustained efforts in strategic R&D, operational R&D, and technical R&D. With an industry-leading information management system as its foundation, the company independently develops software tailored to its Industry 4.0 manufacturing needs. It is further researching and perfecting large-scale layout manufacturing processes, continually advancing high-speed and high-efficiency manufacturing techniques. The company is vigorously pursuing lean production and process optimization projects, optimizing its ERP, APS, MES, and CRM systems, and accelerating the integration and rapid development of informatization, automation, and intelligence.
Multiple R&D and Innovation Platforms
  • Recognized as a National High-tech Enterprise
  • Acknowledged as a National Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprise
  • Honored as a National New-generation IT and Manufacturing Integration Development Demonstration Enterprise
  • Accredited as a National Intellectual Property Superior Enterprise
  • Named the Hunan Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Engineering Technology Research Center
Display of Innovative Achievements

Since 2012, Aoshikang has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise by the Science and Technology Department of Hunan Province for several consecutive years.
The project "Key Technologies and Applications of New Processes in Thick Copper Multilayer Printed Circuit Board Production" won the second prize in Science and Technology from the Hunan Provincial Circular Economy Research Association.
The "Cleaning Solution and Method for Removing Palladium from PCB Boards" received the second prize for Scientific Progress in Yiyang City, Hunan Province.
In 2020, Aoshikang was awarded the Yiyang City Technology Innovation Award.

The invention patent for "A Method of Manufacturing Printed Circuit Boards" was honored with the National Outstanding Patent Award in 2019.
Aoshikang pioneered the production model of super-large layout in the industry, establishing six globally unique, new-generation, super-sized, intelligent production lines, significantly enhancing production efficiency and product yield.



Six Core Technologies
Aoshikang’s key manufacturing stages are bolstered by six core technologies, forming the foundation of our product's competitive edge.
Powered by strong technological innovation, Aoshikang, with its leading technology, differentiated competitive strategy, excellent product quality, and superior service, has won over customers and markets. While continually improving profitability, Aoshikang also contributes to the common development of the upstream and downstream industry chain.
  • High-precision impedance control method
  • Ink with low Dk and low Df that can process high reliability
  • Skip via processing technology
  • Technology for controlling high-precision Stub with back drilling
  • High aspect ratio micro drilling and plating technology
  • Key process technologies for hybrid stack-up PCB
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