About Aoshikang
Complaints and Reports
Reporting Channels
Audit and Supervision Center, Supervision Department: Accepts reports and complaints of corruption and serious violations of discipline and regulations.
Phone Reporting: Guo Hong: 18673718555    Zhang Lin: 188258-8311
Email Reporting: adic@askpcb.com
WeChat Reporting: Follow the official account “ASK-sjjczx” and enter the complaint and report window.
Mailbox Reporting: Audit and Supervision Center, Supervision Department, Aoshikang, Changchun Economic Development Zone, Ziyang District, Yiyang City, Hunan Province
Reporting Requirements
1.You may choose to complain or report anonymously or under your real name.
2.When making a complaint or report, please provide detailed information including who, when, where, and what occurred.
3.Complaints and reports should be truthful and accurate. Fabricating facts, forging evidence, and falsely accusing or framing others is prohibited.
Protection and Rewards for Reporting
1.The Audit and Supervision Center will strictly protect the personal information of complainants and reporters.
2.The company has strict policies and measures against retaliation towards complainants and reporters. Upon discovery, individuals found guilty will receive disciplinary actions such as severe reprimands or more, and for cases of significant severity, they will be legally handed over to the public security authorities for further processing.
3.If the report is verified as true, leading to the punishment of the offender and helping the company recover or reduce losses, rewards will be given to the informant according to the “Complaint and Report Management Procedures”.
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